Stanford Health Care


Stanford Health Care has a rich history of pioneering breakthrough cures and innovative treatments that have become widely used in hospitals and clinics worldwide. Stanford has recently expanded their offerings, building out primary care and additional specialty clinics. Yet people still view Stanford as a research hospital, not a full health care system. It was time to reframe perceptions and announce that Stanford has more to offer across all stages of health.


Most healthcare advertising focuses on convenience and approachability, which can come at a loss of credibility. But Stanford brings together some of the most imaginative minds in medicine, combining art and science to revolutionize healthcare. That’s why we created a design-forward campaign that connects with people on a personal level, yet is wholly inspired by the imagination it takes to be a Stanford doctor.

Our goal was to turn the human anatomy into fine art that sparks the viewer’s imagination. To achieve this, we started by creating every element by hand. We then constructed 50-layer composite images, mixing heavy oil paints and thick brush strokes with the motions of watercolors bleeding into paper and wispy smoke effects. The end result is a collection of bespoke pieces of art that are reflective of the beauty and complexity of what Stanford can do for every patient