free to grow

Today kids and families live in a culture that is filled with pressures and measurement. Play always has a purpose. There is a focus to make our kids smart. What our children know is important but what they do and who they are matters, too. Sprout can inspire a cultural shift away from just achievement to development. Away from just measurement to meaning.

Sprout needed to differentiate in the growing field of children’s educational and entertainment brands. More than a tagline, Sprout came to mono in search of a brand idea that could drive a brand evolution and inspire the consumer experience. Our idea, Free to Grow, articulated a mission for the company based on their long-held belief in encouraging kids (and parents) to experience the possibilities within the everyday. With this idea, we helped Sprout sharpen their point-of-view, championing curiosity and encouraging kids to learn from the world around them.

When Sprout came to mono, they were seen by parents and kids as a “baby network.” We needed to evolve the brand, modernizing the design and broadening the appeal to older children. Our design POV and style were inspired by Sprout’s values. The category was filled with a very perfect, loud look which was helping kids escape reality rather than explore it. Instead of this, we chose a real handcrafted, perfectly imperfect style utilizing photo illustrations made from real-world materials.