odyssey project

Inspired by founder and seaman Paul Sperry, the Odysseys Await campaign had returned the Sperry brand to its intrepid roots. We created an ambitious, socially-driven content platform to share epic tales of discovery and adventure.


We selected 80 influencers and sent them around the world on sea-based adventures that pushed them out of their comfort zone to experience the unfamiliar, to face the unknown, and to discover more about the world around them.

We surprised travelers with custom Sperry shoeboxes. Each one revealed clues as to how their Odyssey would begin.


The only thing we asked of our travelers in return was to share their stories. Odysseys became real-life tales of discovery that unfolded over social media.

Sperry shared the content through its own social and digital channels, with all the stories aggregated on a central Tumblr page housed within its website. Travelers also shared stories through their own social channels, expanding Sperry’s reach to new audiences.