Raised Real

In early 2016, two Bay Area entrepreneurs came to mono with an idea that revolved around a simple belief: feeding your babies the best possible food shouldn’t be a luxury. It should be easy and it should be made with real, unprocessed ingredients. The founders had the sourcing and distribution plan in place, but they didn’t have anything else. So we got to work and built the brand from the ground up; providing the strategic platform, name, logo, package design, and even the tone of voice. The result: Raised Real – a brand that brings fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the farm to the high chair.

Raised Real is a weekly box subscription service that delivers farm-fresh baby food ingredients and recipes to the doors of busy parents. All they have to do is steam, blend, and serve.

For us, “real” captured the spirit of what the brand was all about: real food, flash frozen at the peak of freshness, and with complete transparency as to how the food is grown and sourced. But it also touched on the belief that parents can stay true to themselves and ignore societal pressures to be perfect parents. Instead, just keep it real. With those insights in place, the name Raised Real rose to the top.

With a name in place, the logo and brand book followed. The goal was to create a clean and thoughtful design system with simple guidelines for easy implementation once we handed it off to the Raised Real team.

The branding we defined and implemented was a critical component to the successful development of key partnerships which led to additional funding and accelerated the founders’ launch and expansion plans. Raised Real meals will start hitting high chairs up and down the West Coast in the first half of 2017.