made to move

After mono’s success in launching the new unflavored Propel Electrolyte Water in 2015, Propel asked us to help relaunch the full brand portfolio with a campaign that resonated with passionate exercisers.

For passionate exercisers, working out is a way of life. It’s the best part of their day. Yet, the category typically shows working out as a job or a chore. So we set out to combat the serious nature of athletic ads – and the “Made to Move” campaign was born. The campaign highlights the joy and energy that passionate exercisers have for fitness.


Driven by an energetic soundtrack, we brought to life the feeling passionate exercisers have when crushing a tough workout.

Design played a big role in making the brand stand out. The energy of the campaign was created using bright, poppy colors inspired by Propel’s flavors, alongside crisp photography and bold, playful hand-drawn lettering.