Phillips Distilling Co.

revel stoke whisky

When you’re the first of your kind, it’s hard to find your place. That was the challenge facing Revel Stoke, the original spiced whisky. It was collecting dust where it didn’t belong. So mono set out to define a new market segment and reposition the brand in a place between young and old, where skirt-chasing pirates aren’t welcome and old leather chairs next to the fireplace are passé.

New attitude calls for a new look. So mono created an identity that didn’t get lost at the liquor store. It stood out and stood alone.

Each bottle has a Stoke the Moment manifesto, further separating Revel Stoke from the silly and the old, and inviting revelers to create fun wherever they are.

Print and outdoor executions first launched in Austin, Texas, employing our Stoke the Moment attitude and ideas.