Advance Auto Parts

pothole dummy

Potholes cost U.S. drivers approximately $3 billion a year. They blow tires, wreck shocks, and bust struts. But this year Advance Auto Parts decided to hit back, and conduct the most insane pothole-pounding experiment the world has ever seen.


Instead of avoiding potholes, one Dummy attempted to hit every pothole in Chicago to answer the question no one has ever dared ask. How many potholes can one car take?

The Pothole Dummy car was outfitted with several cameras that streamed the chaos live online, along with an LCD topper that displayed the pothole count in real-time.


Videos were shot and edited daily and pushed out on social media in order to drive fans to the site for the full campaign experience.

The chaos was all streamed live on In addition, the site featured an interactive map that tracked the number of potholes hit and their severity, using the car’s accelerometer-based technology.

Various Chicago luminaries wanted in on the fun. Everyone from professional athletes, to local artists, to former members of Destiny’s Child joined the Dummy for ride-alongs through some of the city’s worst streets.


After 5 days on the streets of Chicago, we ended up with 1110 potholes hit, more than 40 edited videos, and 195 million total media impressions. Thanks for the ride, Chicago.