meme your way into an internship photo

meme your way into an internship


*UPDATE We got your resumemes. What can we say? For starters – you amused us, you confused us, you divided us into different camps. Now, we’ll take a few weeks to talk it through and select our round of interviewees. Thanks for playing.

As we point out on MediaPost, no one has the attention span anymore for full-on resumes.

Resumés are boring.

Specifically, all of them. Doesn’t matter if you are the best, most overqualified candidate that has ever seen, your resumé still reads like a snoozefest. (Note to self: check to see if is still a thing.)

Why? Because resumés have no stopping power. No oomph. No heart.

But that’s exactly what we want to see. Some m.f.-ing gusto. So we’re throwing resumés out the window. (Note to reader: Someone in HR said we do still need a traditional resumé. Not saying names… Alan.)

Instead, we ask you, our intern hopefuls, to send us a meme. A simple meme. One that will show how you stand out in a world with short attention spans. How you think. How you will blow minds and shift paradigms. In a world of 140 characters or less, the meme is the new resumé.

So if you think you have what it takes to meme your way to mono, generate your ResuMeme and prove it.

Get meme-ing.