the interns are in photo

the interns are in


The sun is out, the deck is open for the season, the interns are here and they’ve already helped pull off a pretty major internal project – our Midsummer’s Dream gift to the world we call mononomnoms. As in years past, they are an impressive lot. Designer Hanna Peterson is the recipient of a student gold ADDY for her booklet Five Things Swedes Can Teach Americans About Life. Developer/creative technologist Naomi Chan started working for MCAD’s DesignWorks a year before graduating. Her skills as an interdisciplinary artist/web designer/developer mean she’ll be much in demand around here. Globetrotting strategist Georgia Herron has been in the work force at Copper & Kings American Brandy since graduating. She’s come to mono, where every project starts as a strategy project, to expand her experience beyond alcohol. We can do that. And finally, project manager Libby Nelson graduated with a degree in global marketing with an emphasis in art. She’ll be in good company in our project management team, whose experience in and knowledge of creative is unique among project leaders in the industry.