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When Michael Hart, Chris Lange, and Jim Scott formed mono 12 years ago, they set out to build a new culture, not just a new agency. From the very beginning, mono was designed to foster collaboration, embrace cross-disciplinary thinking, and fuel creativity and innovation.

In a world of complexity, we use the power of simplicity to create meaningful change in our clients’ brands and business.


mono was created to be a different type of agency, from how we work to the work we create. mono has always been driven to reinvent, reimagine, and rethink the way things are. And from day one, we set out to reimagine what an agency can be. Values exist at the center of everything mono. These values guide our behaviors and intentions. They are an unwavering guide, helping us determine right from wrong and helping us stay true to what we believe. more →


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The full power of mono’s extensive capabilities without the commitment of an ongoing AOR. Transform your brand with A-level strategy and creative execution, then walk away with an easy-to-follow map for the road ahead. It’s the agency relationship of the future based on the realities of today’s marketing landscape. more →