USA Network

characters welcome

With programming that ranged from original series, like MONK, to first run movies, to sporting events like the U.S. Open, USA needed an idea that not only could unite it all, but give it the focus and personality it had always lacked. Our idea was to celebrate characters.


“Characters Welcome” invites us all to be a part of the USA brand, celebrating what makes us individuals.

Show Us Your Character was an online community where everyday “characters” from across the country could interact and show the world what made them unique. Its popularity helped the grow dramatically, with unique visitors up 60% and the average minutes per visit more than doubling from 4 to 9 minutes.


“It truly embraces everything we do. It’s the compelling, sometimes complicated, often funny characters that make USA what it is.”

— Bonnie Hammer, Chairman NBC Universal

In addition to designing the USA lobby, we created brand books for employees, inspiring them to find their inner character as well.