Target Pharmacy

Target has a brand that other retailers envy. But when it comes to the pharmacy business, Target lags behind, outspent by as much as 10-1 by its competitors. With a clear focus we were able to drive sales gains without a major increase in marketing spend.


Unlike its competitors, Target Pharmacy is not just around the corner, and is not open 24/7. Rather than try to beat the competition at their own game, we chose to lean into Target’s unique point of difference. It’s the only pharmacy with a Target attached. Which means your pharmacy run can be a Target run.

We reframed the pharmacy run, from a quick in-and-out to a quick, productive, and fun shopping trip.


The truth: no one wants to switch pharmacies. It’s something we all avoid, like changing cable companies or banks. So we worked with media to deliver this message at precisely the right moments when we know people are forced to actively consider switching their pharmacy.

Launched in eleven test markets in October 2014, the work resulted in increased sales and transfers.