odysseys await

Sperry was an iconic brand long associated with East Coast preppy style; however, based on a trend toward declining sales, it appeared this brand image was not resonating with younger consumers. Through our work, we identified an important disconnect: the brand image was predicated on the belief that success was defined by having the finer things in life. As we all know, Millennials would rather have experiences than things, so we’d have to completely reframe the Sperry brand.

In consumer research, we uncovered a critical insight. Our audience saw a big difference between everyday, accessible experiences and unique experiences that are transformative. Experiences that pushed into the unexpected and the unfamiliar were seen as more valuable because they helped our audience uncover their true passions and more fully understand themselves and the world around them.

Our work was grounded in the strategy to make Sperry the badge for those who thirst for adventure. Channeling the spirit of the brand’s founder Paul Sperry, we created the brand platform, Odysseys Await, an invitation for exploration and discovery.


Within the work, the sea becomes a meaningful character that represents endless opportunities and inspires discovery and exploration. The campaign challenges people to get out of their comfort zones, explore, and live life to the fullest.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the progress we’ve made in Sperry in just a few short quarters. There is tremendous energy within the brand, retailers are engaged and excited about the new brand direction, and most importantly, our consumers are reacting positively to the new brand platform and products.”

— Blake Krueger, CEO

The video, print, and digital campaign seeks to create a connection that transcends fickle fashion cycles.

We redesigned the logo and brand identity to reflect the brand’s nautical heritage, with a nod to the handcrafted details of the shoes themselves.


To celebrate Sperry’s 80th anniversary, we created the Odyssey Project, sending 80 individuals on surprise adventures around the world. Some odysseys were big and transformative. Others were smaller. No matter the size, we wanted to take people to places unfamiliar, and to experiences unexpected.