snack subscription delivery

In the increasingly cutthroat snack subscription category, we created a brand experience that was worth talking about in order to drive new customer acquisition.

While the competition showed up with minimal craft packaging and an emphasis on “healthy” and “all-natural,” we focused on the most important and exciting part of the experience — the unboxing. The medium became the message and subscribers were given something to crave even before opening the box. Each unique box became a shareable experience, a moment for subscribers to show off their prized delivery on social media.

We designed the brand around what people really want from snacking — something delightful.

We also created unique content to accompany our subscribers’ weekly delivery, each designed to enhance the snacking experience and encourage our subscribers to share the Nibblr story and product with others.

New subscribers were welcomed with another delightful surprise — a limited edition poster created by artist Dana Tanamachi.