built to listen

Honeywell had long been a leader in thermostats, but a new competitor was changing the way people looked at this everyday household device. With the launch of their latest product, the first smart thermostat with voice control, the brand was ready to regain the lead in innovation. But rather than focus on features and benefits, we focused on people. “Voice control” became the first thermostat “built to listen.” And so did the campaign.


With one commercial, we got people talking. John Slattery’s cool-but-calm predictions about the future mixed with a hip environment for the thermostat brought innovation credibility back to Honeywell on popular programming ranging from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to the SNL season finale.

We didn’t stop there, however. We partnered with The New York Times, Mashable, and other popular online publications to create the first talking banner of its kind. With one click, users could have Slattery read, word for word, the article of their choice within each site.


“The campaign, meant to highlight Honeywell’s innovation, was an innovative collaboration in its own right.”

— John Rash, TCB Mag