Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

give a $5

As a nonprofit, Children’s Minnesota is always looking to attract new people to their brand. But to bring in a younger generation of donors, they needed to do something more than the same old traditional advertising. They needed something fun and easy enough for anyone to do. Something infectious. You know, like a high five.


To make sure we were getting attention, we used a not-so-little something special. Turns out, people love a guy with giant hands. The campaign launched with a how-to video featuring our man Joe roaming the Twin Cities, connecting with strangers, inspiring some fun, and raising awareness for Give a $5.

A lot of children’s hospitals rely on pity to inspire donations. As part of our recent brand launch, Children’s Minnesota would be decidedly different. Children’s would bring people together by focusing on the things that make us all human. And few things transcend language, culture, and Vikings/Packers alliances like a high five.