Blu Dot

swap meet

To bring good design to more people, we created the Blu Dot Swap Meet, a two-week online auction that accepted creative bids in exchange for Blu Dot furniture.


Not everyone who loves modern furniture can afford it. And Since many Blu Dot fans are some of the most creative people around, we created an opportunity for them to exchange creativity, rather than dollars, for Blu Dot furniture. The result was a non-traditional promotional model that capitalized on customer creativity to attract a wider audience to the Blu Dot brand.

“Genius marketing.”

— Suzanne LaBarre, Fast Company

The Blu Dot Swap Meet was a celebration of creative currency. Out of 2,000 bids, 36 swaps were accepted — from a motorcycle made of 9,000 popsicle sticks to a share of Enron stock to an epic keg party.

We captured the fascination of consumers and the press alike, with features in publications ranging from from Good Magazine to Fast Company’s Co.Design to Apartment Therapy.