mono was created to be a different type of agency, from how we work to the work we create. mono has always been driven to reinvent, reimagine, and rethink the way things are. And from day one, we set out to reimagine what an agency can be. Values exist at the center of everything mono. These values guide our behaviors and intentions. They are an unwavering guide, helping us determine right from wrong and helping us stay true to what we believe.

  • value

    we are people first

    At mono, people come before companies, money, and egos. It’s how we work together, speak to each other, and respect each other. We look at things through the context of life because a full personal life will always make us more interesting, innovative, and valuable at work.

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    we’re an open-source company

    We are motivated by opportunities, not just assignments. We value self-thinkers and self-starters, people who not only think differently, but take action and make things happen. Each of us should treat mono as if it was your own. How will you make mono, mono?

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    we believe in “yes, and”

    We can do anything when we share openly, early, and often. We choose building over battling. We’re open-minded and inclusive because we believe that when we attack challenge with diverse perspectives, we’ll develop innovative, breakthrough solutions.

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    we believe in “no, because”

    We don’t work by committee or seek the lowest common denominator. We inspire and push each other to imagine greater things. We make sure people understand what we believe, and why we believe it. We believe it’s okay to not agree, but not okay to sit on the sidelines.

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    we’re optimistic inventors

    Our drive is to create innovative, amazing work. Not because we want to, but because it’s the most effective work. We tear down assumptions, exposing new solutions to tough problems. We see possibilities where there are barriers. It’s not easy. It isn’t comfortable. But embracing the mess gives us the ability to cut through the clutter.

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    we believe every single thing matters

    We’re thoughtful and intentional. We pay attention to all things large and small—be it an email, a keynote, a presentation, or creative work. While the details can seem small, the overall impression is big and differentiating with all who experience mono.