November 29, 2017

Borrowed interest

WRK+REC was created as a way to bring personal passion projects to MONO. Teams present their project to the agency, we all vote, and to the victor go the spoils MONO sponsorship. Our premier victor, producer Amalia Nicholson, earned the funds to create her inspired and inspiring project, the Borrowed Interest podcast.

Hosted alongside Fallon art director Leeya Jackson and former Colle+McVoy and current MONO copywriter, Shareina Chandler, these three women of color in the ad industry explore the challenges of just that, as well as issues of gender and sexuality, with a roster of galvanized guests. In addition to raising awareness, they’ve created a dialog intent on moving these issues forward. And they’ve done so in an “honest, hilarious and at times emotional” way, according to Adweek. We concur, and we’re also enjoying this excellent profile in The StarTribune.